The online singles dating world is currently in a sad state of affairs. Too many review sites allow online dating companies to pay them for more good reviews and higher tips, which results in overly inflated and fake reviews. This makes it harder for potential customers to know what the best options are and if they need to make a purchase or perhaps create a free account. At Healthy System, we think that is unacceptable and we are fighting to modify that.

We’ve created this article to assist you navigate the sea of online dating websites and apps. It is important to remember that scammers and fraudsters are stalking on most sites, so be vigilant and take several precautionary procedures. Always look at terms and conditions and check that the match can be who they say they are ahead of sharing sensitive information or meeting in person. You can also do a invert image search upon photos from other profile to check if they have been utilized elsewhere.

In terms of the safest online dating sites, our recommendations include the following:

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